Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A very wet Wednesday

Here comes the rain... As if we had not had enough rain of late, we are getting a little bit more. It is gloomy, but I remind myself that for the longest time Texas has been wishing for what we have and I just think of warm soup, a warm quilt, and a good read and I am fine.

I heard from my cousin in Puerto Rico on Monday afternoon, a very quick text, "LOVES it."

Well yesterday (Tuesday) on Facebook I saw  
"Tks a lot for the present. You are such an artist, wow!!!, we totally love it. Great job!!!! I can see a business there, go 4 it."

I am going to guess that they like the gifts... These are the pictures of what was sent to them within the box...
I'm in NJ, with my aunt, we spent yesterday getting a test done (got an early call to come in due to a cancellation) for her and this morning (24 hours later) she very happily said " no more test!" I so agree! I'm just the one sitting in the waiting room, she has been the one going thru all the different tests... So now they are done for a while and it is time to start packing.

I need to get a few quilt projects ready to go off to the quilter on Saturday. So I will be using the sewing machine here (I did bring one with me) in NJ for a little bit. Of course I do have a pair of pants to hem while I am here.

Thank you for joining me for my rant of the day and coffee :)
J :D

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