Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Life wasn't meant to be without mistakes. It wasn't made to be without change. Change happens every single day, every single minute. And there is no mistake except the failure to accept change.

I have been running around since before Christmas and my blog has suffered greatly. I spent Christmas with family in the Boston area. Two days later I was winging my way to Midland Texas to spend ten days in an Acute Care facility being an advocate for a dear friend. I came back and spent the next two weeks trying to catch up with work and home stuff. 

Then three little munchkins came to visit :) Grandkids :) As two of them are allergic to the cat, I was doing a very deep cleaning for over a week. The third one does not appear to be allergic, but time will tell. He does not want to crawl and is almost walking already at 9 months! 

The best part of the weekend was pulling out the Hello Kitty Sewing Machine to sit with my granddaughter to start to sew. The older grandson now wants to learn as well.

It is time to get ready for work, yes I am still at the temporary job, almost a year! Where has the time gone!

Thank you for stopping by!
Ciao for now
J :)