Saturday, October 15, 2011

Quilt Show!

I feel like a kid in a candy store... I have two quilts in my 1st quilt show! I know that I should not be as giddy as I am, but what the heck! I am loving it! I have gone to this show over the last few years as I have friends who belong to the guild, and now so do I.

It was wonderful to hear the comments of fellow quilters mention the 'out of the box' thinking for the thread painting for the quilt challenge.

I was showing my sister-in-law's mom the large quilt (the fish) and she was enjoying the quilting. The quilter, Georgette Gagne, the owner/operator of Black Wolf Quilt Studio's in Webster, NH, did a fantastic quilting of this quilt. I'll need to post some pictures of the quilt... 

So the label reads: "Completed August 2011" "Made with love by Jean Necheles, For the love of my Life Paul Donovan"
Yes, this is Paul's quilt. In the book and on the label attached to the front of the quilt, it says: 

     I took a Stack-n-Whack class with Karen Pulaski, of Hudson, MA. The blocks are a unique kaleidoscope design, with the border of the same fabric. My husband loves Asian fabrics and just mentioned that he loved this fabric. This was his Christmas gift and yes, he loves his quilt. Pattern Name: Stack-n-Whack. Machine Piced, Machine Quilted. 70 x 80.

 The label on the front says Georgette's name and Studio. Paul overheard some people saying how this quilt (and the quilter) have gotten around. I guess I have. 

So the 2nd quilt is the "Birds of a Feather" Challenge quilt. There are a few other's who did submissions to this category.
There is my Swan's quilt :D Did I say that it is so weird to see my quilt hanging among other quilters who I know have shown over the years? I'm doing a happy dance :)

There where so many people! It was wonderful to see them all! The best part for me was seeing family and friends :)  I am so glad that my step brother Keith was able to stop over and see the quilts. My sister-in-law's mom, whom I was able to spend a few moments with before we left, was there. I am working tomorrow afternoon, and am hoping to see more family and friends then. I know that my daughter is very much looking forward to attending. 

Thanks for joining me! Hope you have enjoyed my rants and your coffee :D
Ciao! :)
J :)

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