Thursday, June 30, 2011

On vacation...

Time for coffee and a very short chat.

I've been visiting my aunt in New Jersey for the past few days. While I have my iPad with me, I don't have a computer? So I have had to use my aunts foe 1) putting in an application for a position in Boston (which was pulled within 24 hours), 2) purchasing and printing off my bus tickets to go back to Boston, and to look at a flash film that was sent to me. It is a mjor bummer that one cannot download flash to ones iPad... But that's ok, as I am glad to have brought it with me.

So tomorrow I will be on trains and buses for the majority of the day.

Hope you have enjoyed your coffee and today's chat.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Travel time

So grab your decaf coffee and join me for a short note today.

Woke up and was out of the house at around 6:45 am in order to catch a 7:15am bus to Newark, NJ. Then the NJ train to Rutgers. Off visiting my aunt for the week.

Because I took public transpiration, I did not bring any projects with me. I'll have to attack them when I return.

Hope you at least got a sip of your coffee tonight!
Thanks for joining tonight's coffee time.
Take care,
J :)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

4th Sunday of the month

Time for a late cup of coffee and I hope you enjoy today's rant...

Every 4th Sunday of the month is a quilting studio at one of my local quilt shops (about 17 miles from home) for 5 hours. I am working on getting my WIP's done, but the list keeps growing... Ah well.Today I finished a couple of WIP potholders for my aunt, who I will be visiting this week. Worked on a thread portrait that was supposed to be done today (it's not, but I will work on it and send it as a late present).

While getting my supplies together for studio, on Saturday, I realized that my short list of projects really has about 15 - 20 more projects to add. Yes, it does appear that there are some UFO's (UnFinished Objects) in among my stash. They are going to have to be finished! 1at they need to be added to my running list of WIP's that I will need to update on a regular basis.

I have missed going to Sunday Open Studio for the past three months. Time fly's when life has you running like crazy! Last time I was there was February! March I was on a family trip, April was a family issue that I needed to attend to, and May was a local (if you call New England area local) family trip. I have missed the therapy session that occurs at Open Studio. There are a few of us that have become regulars. It is much like "Finish Up Fridays" my other quilting therapy session that I have missed more than I have been able to attend over the past four months.

Well, I did not name this blog incorrectly, Life has been getting in the way of my quilting!

Hope you have enjoyed today's rant and enjoy your coffee.
J :)

Friday, June 24, 2011

'Works In Progress'

It's Friday! Yea, I have made it to the end of the week and not had a hissy fit. I am stressing out over not working outside of the house right about now. 

I thought that I would enjoy myself and get a lot of my 'Works In Progress' finished and I have not. I have a log cabin, a double wedding ring, 2 quillows, a cowl neck (knitting), a thread portrait, three handbags, and six chairs to re-finish. Now that I look over my list, I am wondering if I have forgotten anything. Oh, I have been really looking at doing a 'Dear Jane' quilt. I really need to finish off the list before I start the DJ quilt, still, I think I will machine paper piece the DJ. 

So, today's thought is that I will need to work on my WIP's (Works In Progress) and I'll be accountable to my blog!

First off, I need to clean as the kiddos will be here within the next two hours to mess the place up. 2nd thing will be to work on the thread portrait as I need to have it in the mail to the recipient before the 28th of June!

Hope you have enjoyed today's rant and had time to enjoy your coffee as well.
J :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011


So the weather is blah, raining once again. I am not a fan of muggy weather, but it is so much better than the snow that the Boston area received this past winter.

Speaking of winter... did you see the news that "Fugitive South Boston gangster James "Whitey" Bulger, wanted for 19 murders, was captured last night in Southern California, the result of a tip from FBI television spots that began airing this week. His capture ended a 16-year manhunt that spanned the globe." Interesting that the head of the famous "Winter Hill Gang" is now captured. It only took 16 years to catch the man.

So, trying to finish a thread portrait today, pick up Child of Mine and friend at the airport, and clean the apartment for the impending visit of the kids tomorrow.

Need to spend some time looking for employment, but the news from the AP today is "The latest report on applications for unemployment benefits shows the U.S. job market is still weak."  Not very encouraging if you ask me... But I continue to search. You should check out the news story at: don't know how long they will keep the story posted.

Off to sew.

Hope you have enjoyed today's rant and had time to enjoy your coffee as well.

J :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Beginning...

Ah, the beginning ... What does one say as they start a Blog? Well, to tell the truth, I have been reading other blogs for so long, I can't recall when I have come across a brand new one.

J :)