Saturday, October 22, 2011

Saturday Choices

Last night at Finish Up Friday, I brought the Log Cabin quilt to unpin the entire quilt. I had spent time pinning and getting ready for me to quilt, and kept on looking at it until I made the choice to send it to Georgette.

Georgette Gagne is the Owner/Operator of Black Wolf Quilting Studio. The studio is located in Webster, New Hampshire. All of the quilts are hand-guided quilting is done on a Gammill Classic Plus on a 14 foot frame. The size of the frame means that I can quilt sizes from a wall hanging to a California king. Not that I am looking at making a California King... One of the quilts at the RSQ show was 104 x 120 and quilted by Georgette. The quilt maker said that the quilt kept screaming "I want to get bigger" it was named "The Yellow Brick Road That Wouldn't Stop Growing." It was wonderful to view.

So, one down and another to get done and gone by Monday afternoon. Tomorrow it is off to make a few pillow cases. I am hoping to get at least eight done before it is time to come home. I am going to use the 20% coupon I have for the shop to purchase the fabric... I have fat quarters, no yardage... ah well.

Hope you have enjoyed today's rant, thank you for joining me :)
J :)

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