Monday, October 17, 2011

On the Road Again...

The Quilt Show was a success! One of my girlfriends quilt came in 3rd! She is giving it to a much loved aunt as a Birthday present, so I'll be quiet on that one for a bit. The quilts where amazing! Inspiring, and for some of my friends who have never been to a quilt show, a bit overwhelming. I am very happy that a few of my old friends got to see what I have been up to of late. :)

Speaking of Birthday presents... The package to Puerto Rico has been picked up at the Post Office... I don't know if it has gotten to my cousin's house as one of my sister suggested I touch base with one of my cousins family members to pick up the box before it was due to be shipped back... The PO sent a notice that it had been picked up on Saturday morning. :) Sweet! (10/18/2011 Note: I got a text message that my cousin LOVES the package! Glad to hear! Very glad they got it before it shipped back North!)

I am off to NJ this morning, my aunt has another test tomorrow. To say she is tired of doctors is an understatement... This test seems more along the line of the Dr's covering their collective butts than anything else, but still it is a pain in the butt for my aunt to have to thru all of these once again to cover their collective rears!

Still for me it is great for me that I have the opportunity to spend some time with her. We have done some things I would have never had the chance to do on my own! The trip to the Meadowlands on my birthday was fun!

So off to get ready to take the bus to Newark and onto New Brunswick.

Hope you have enjoyed your coffee (or tea as someone reminded me Not Everyone drinks as much coffee as you do!) and my rant :)

J :D

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