Saturday, October 29, 2011

Meet Jacqueline de Jonge

I am in awe of Jacqueline de Jonge quilts/patterns they are wonderful! If you click on this link Meet Jacqueline de Jonge you will go to Quiltmaker's Blog where she is introduced. She has been quilting for awhile, but I am just getting to the point that I feel comfortable to be able to 'tackle' a paper pieced quilt of this size... If you go here you will go to Jacqueline's English website.

I think... Ok, so the Little Engine that could comes to mind. I think I can, I think I can, I really think I can... Maybe I really will... maybe...

But I have another paper piece that I really want to tackle before Jacqueline's pattern. It is from an artist from Oz, Chris Jurd, she is a well known Australian designer and winner of numerous prizes at quilt shows. Chris does a lot of paper pieced patterns, which her patterns can be a bit of a challenge.

Ah, going back to reading blogs... Tell me has it started to snow in your neck of the woods? Here, just outside of Boston, MA, it has, more like spitting if you ask me... I gather that NJ, NY, and MD already have been getting snow. We are due to have a Nor'easter (yup, that's what they are called!) which translate into major hit of snow... Not fun... time to stock up on shovels, plastic for the windows (and apply it to the windows to block out the wind), food, salt for the sidewalk, and Hot Chocolate. :)

Time for Hot Chocolate...Thanks for joining me :)

Ciao for now...
J :)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday night follow up

The binding for the raffle quilt is done and left at the quilt shop, the double wedding ring has the borders and a pieced backing and has been dropped off for the long arm quilter. I have the pumpkin blocks to finish and I will be in a good space.

In the meantime, I need to do some studying of computer skills that have been disappering while I have not been working. I have a tutorial to work on those.

I am also waiting for my fabric to arrive from Texas (that is where I ordered it from... what can I say). Then I will be a cutting fool as I am already a tad behind on the cutting of the quilt. I did tell you that I am doing an online class with Rachel Griffith. She left us a note on her blog "build a quilt workshop classes are now posted. if you're one of my students, go have a lookie doo. ♥ rachel." That would be me, a student :) 

If you have never visited Rachel's blog, take a look at My friend G, talked me into doing the class. That's ok, I got her to follow Rachel last year after I did the signature blocks swap. That was a lot of work! Opps, another item for my WIP list.

It seems I take one off and add another on to it...

Off to read and cuddle with hubby, too late for coffee or hot chocolate.

Ciao for now!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Raffle quilt binding... And more...

There is a group of us who get together just about every Friday night for a class called Finish Up Friday (FUF). This is more of a therapy class than a sewing/quilting class mind you. We do get some sewing done, but we also get to complain, plan, sew, hand sew (not my favorite), bind, and some times we even finish projects... What a concept (yes, I did say that Mindy). There have been times that FUF was the only time I had to quilt. It is a great bunch of wonderful women :)

Early this week one of the FUF ladies sent out a distress email to all of us. Due to a lot of issues happening in her life (family, house, etc), she was in a bind to get some binding done for a raffle quilt... Before 11/5 that is. I have some free time right now, so I volunteered to pick up the quilt, make the binding, and attach the binding to the quilt. Another FUF lady mentioned that she'll do the hand binding... did I mention that's not my favorite part? We are going to hold off to see if the one in distress would like to destress and do the binding herself... I guess you could say that it is a relaxing time.

Then while getting ready to cut the binding I realized that I have to finish off a few pillow cases (for cancer patients) that I started last Sunday... yes... Life is once again... I'll be finishing off the pillow cases, cutting and making the binding tonight and attaching the binding tomorrow before class.

In the meantime I received a call from a recruiter asking if I could take a skill test before tomorrow afternoon. After which I'll be meeting with her on Monday morning, bright and early, and potentially off to another interview thereafter.

I am off to the sewing machine. :)

So, did you start drinking Hot Chocolate as of yet? Yep, I did and it is the kind from a pouch... what can I say, it's not my kitchen, it's hubby's :)

Thanks for joining me.
Ciao for now :)
J :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

BOM's continued...

Ah yes... remember the RSQ blocks that I was working on yesterday?
Yes, those would be the ones that I am talking about...

Well... I brought them to the Guild meeting last night (good meeting), dropped them off with the others who had also done the block(s) and went to check out other tables before the meeting.

Our Guild meetings kinda follows a regular pattern, announcements, raffle winners (for the meeting), Show 'n Tell, last moment announcements, and then our featured speaker(s). Last night was no different. 

The featured speaker for last nights meeting where Bobbie and Joel Bergquist, owners of Quilters' Treasure, who brought part of their quilt shop to our guild. They shared dozens of samples of their work as well as a lot of their products. They are an online quilt shop at They have the most amazing patterns and techniques to achieve different looks and hues with fabric.  They also mentor different artists within their booths at the different Quilt Shows that they attend on an annual basis. So many of the samples where those of the artists using Quilters Treasures fabric, stain glass leading quilts, and inks/paints techniques they have perfected over the years. Yes, I did purchase two patterns and some of the 'leading' that they sell to make some stain glass type of quilts. Unbeknownst to me, I have purchased in the past a few of their patterns,  for which I was very pleasantly surprised. The pattern I have did not have the fabric, which the one last night did, I just could not convince myself that I really needed to get it. Ah well, I will need to relocated that particular pattern once again... More for the "To Do" List...

Getting back to Pumpkin BOM's ... Last night my name was called for winning half of the blocks made for BOM! So... yes, I won a few pumpkin blocks.
Do you notice anything? ... 3rd one from the left on the top row and 1st one on the left on the middle row... yep, those are mine... Kinda cool if you ask me. So now I am going to work on making these into an interesting wall hanging for our front door. And here I was going to spend today making a lot more!! No, don't have to.

I have spent the better part of the day taking the paper off the back of these... I am guilty of leaving the paper on myself, so there is no blame... just using the tweezers to get the little bits of paper.

Have you ever done paper piecing on a large scale? The gentleman (a guild member) who won 1st place at the Quilt Show did a large New York Beauty. I have been thinking about it... just not sure about it yet.

Back to picking bits of paper off the back of the pumpkins.

Thank you for joining me today. It is more of a Hot Chocolate day than coffee, so I hope you brought some along.
Ciao for now :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

BOM Update

They are done!!!

Yes, I have been behind on some of my quilting... what is that about Life getting in the way?

It does...

Here is the RSQ Guild blocks that I did earlier, they are paper pieced.

The top are the pictures and the bottom are the blocks... did you notice I flipped them? I did not catch that until I was done and pressing them for the final time. They are a go as they are... after all, I don't have time to make more for tonight. I think I may make one or two more for decorations around the house. That is for tomorrow.

For Jackie's Blogger's BOM over at Canton Village Quilt Works these are the six fat quarters I am going to work with for the time being... I think I'll use the Yellow as the background. Did I ever mention that I love bright colors? I do. 

 This is the 1st Block of the Month!!! It's done! Not bad for not having anything done this morning...

Now to post at the Flickr group and I am off to Guild meeting!

Thanks for stopping by to see if I finished :D What can I say... Oh yea, Life gets in the way... of quilting!


OMG! It's time to do my BOM's!

OMG Victoria over at Bumble Beans Inc reminded me that "It's Blogger's BOM day!" Dam! I still need to whip up my blocks today! Life really has a way of getting in the way of my quilting!

So tell me have you joined in with the Blogger's Block of the Month? Are you staying up to date with your blocks?  Check out the links below and come join in the fun! 

Yes, I will be posting my blocks before the end of the day... or at the very least before I head off to guild meeting tonight. 

Click on Vickie's blog for the instructions for October's Block. I am just loving her color choices! If you go over to Jackie's... where you can join in... Also the link to the Flickr group to add your blocks

So, I needed to go back and check out who the talented designers for this BOM are...

So, while I am scrambling to do my BOM's I am also working like a mad dog to do my Pumpkin piecing BOM's for guild meeting tonight! Yep, I am a 'mad dog' sewing BOM fool today and off I go back to the sewing machine.

Thanks for joining in this mornings rant and coffee break. :)

Ciao for now...
J :)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

On-line BOM

So I signed up for a class with Rachel Griffith of p.s. I quilt (you can catch her at or her blog spot at So the class is listed in her shop on her blog "build a quilt workshop: facade" I am just waiting for the confirmation to sign up on Fliker...

Do you have a Fliker account! Do you post your art/quilts/projects there? How do you feel about posting? Do you get feedback? I'm just wondering...

Off to bed, hope you have had a great weekend :)

J :)

small quilts: 2 things

small quilts: 2 things. I am in love with the small quilt that Lorraine @ small quilts posted. I think that it will be on the To Do List very shortly. It looks like a very quick Charm pack quilt.

Off to one of my favorite shops to make some pillow cases. I will be back to post about in awhile :)

Ciao for now :)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Saturday Choices

Last night at Finish Up Friday, I brought the Log Cabin quilt to unpin the entire quilt. I had spent time pinning and getting ready for me to quilt, and kept on looking at it until I made the choice to send it to Georgette.

Georgette Gagne is the Owner/Operator of Black Wolf Quilting Studio. The studio is located in Webster, New Hampshire. All of the quilts are hand-guided quilting is done on a Gammill Classic Plus on a 14 foot frame. The size of the frame means that I can quilt sizes from a wall hanging to a California king. Not that I am looking at making a California King... One of the quilts at the RSQ show was 104 x 120 and quilted by Georgette. The quilt maker said that the quilt kept screaming "I want to get bigger" it was named "The Yellow Brick Road That Wouldn't Stop Growing." It was wonderful to view.

So, one down and another to get done and gone by Monday afternoon. Tomorrow it is off to make a few pillow cases. I am hoping to get at least eight done before it is time to come home. I am going to use the 20% coupon I have for the shop to purchase the fabric... I have fat quarters, no yardage... ah well.

Hope you have enjoyed today's rant, thank you for joining me :)
J :)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday! Yea!

It is Friday! I am off to check out the Concord Piecemakers Guild  Quilt Show that is held in Acton, MA. They have different quilts on display and I am looking forward to seeing them. This is the information:

Concord Piecemakers Guild Quilt Show

In the fall of odd-numbered years, the Concord Piecemakers Guild holds a quilt show that exhibits the quilts made by its members. This show is not juried.
St Matthew's Methodist Church 435 Central Street Acton, MA
Friday, October 21, 2011 10:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. and Saturday, October 22, 2011 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

RSQ Show - The Guild I belong to...
I posted pictures from the Quilt Show on my FB account. I am still hearing from people (all over the world!) that they enjoyed the pictures from the show.

I am still a bit giddy about Paul's quilt. Now that it has been shown, he wants to hang it here at home rather than put it on a bed. Can you see the grin? Yep, it's there, like a Cheshire cat. This is the picture from it hanging at the quilt show... Did I say Cheshire?
As for the Challenge Quilt, that is headed to Paul's office to hang within his cubical. After all, he does not have any art hanging within his space.
Now he will :)

I find myself working fast and furiously to finish the borders for C&S's quilt as that is one of those that I am bringing to the quilter tomorrow. So it is off to the quilt show and back home to sew!!! :D

Have a great weekend!

Thank you for joining me for today's rant and coffee break!
J :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A very wet Wednesday

Here comes the rain... As if we had not had enough rain of late, we are getting a little bit more. It is gloomy, but I remind myself that for the longest time Texas has been wishing for what we have and I just think of warm soup, a warm quilt, and a good read and I am fine.

I heard from my cousin in Puerto Rico on Monday afternoon, a very quick text, "LOVES it."

Well yesterday (Tuesday) on Facebook I saw  
"Tks a lot for the present. You are such an artist, wow!!!, we totally love it. Great job!!!! I can see a business there, go 4 it."

I am going to guess that they like the gifts... These are the pictures of what was sent to them within the box...
I'm in NJ, with my aunt, we spent yesterday getting a test done (got an early call to come in due to a cancellation) for her and this morning (24 hours later) she very happily said " no more test!" I so agree! I'm just the one sitting in the waiting room, she has been the one going thru all the different tests... So now they are done for a while and it is time to start packing.

I need to get a few quilt projects ready to go off to the quilter on Saturday. So I will be using the sewing machine here (I did bring one with me) in NJ for a little bit. Of course I do have a pair of pants to hem while I am here.

Thank you for joining me for my rant of the day and coffee :)
J :D

Monday, October 17, 2011

On the Road Again...

The Quilt Show was a success! One of my girlfriends quilt came in 3rd! She is giving it to a much loved aunt as a Birthday present, so I'll be quiet on that one for a bit. The quilts where amazing! Inspiring, and for some of my friends who have never been to a quilt show, a bit overwhelming. I am very happy that a few of my old friends got to see what I have been up to of late. :)

Speaking of Birthday presents... The package to Puerto Rico has been picked up at the Post Office... I don't know if it has gotten to my cousin's house as one of my sister suggested I touch base with one of my cousins family members to pick up the box before it was due to be shipped back... The PO sent a notice that it had been picked up on Saturday morning. :) Sweet! (10/18/2011 Note: I got a text message that my cousin LOVES the package! Glad to hear! Very glad they got it before it shipped back North!)

I am off to NJ this morning, my aunt has another test tomorrow. To say she is tired of doctors is an understatement... This test seems more along the line of the Dr's covering their collective butts than anything else, but still it is a pain in the butt for my aunt to have to thru all of these once again to cover their collective rears!

Still for me it is great for me that I have the opportunity to spend some time with her. We have done some things I would have never had the chance to do on my own! The trip to the Meadowlands on my birthday was fun!

So off to get ready to take the bus to Newark and onto New Brunswick.

Hope you have enjoyed your coffee (or tea as someone reminded me Not Everyone drinks as much coffee as you do!) and my rant :)

J :D

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Quilt Show!

I feel like a kid in a candy store... I have two quilts in my 1st quilt show! I know that I should not be as giddy as I am, but what the heck! I am loving it! I have gone to this show over the last few years as I have friends who belong to the guild, and now so do I.

It was wonderful to hear the comments of fellow quilters mention the 'out of the box' thinking for the thread painting for the quilt challenge.

I was showing my sister-in-law's mom the large quilt (the fish) and she was enjoying the quilting. The quilter, Georgette Gagne, the owner/operator of Black Wolf Quilt Studio's in Webster, NH, did a fantastic quilting of this quilt. I'll need to post some pictures of the quilt... 

So the label reads: "Completed August 2011" "Made with love by Jean Necheles, For the love of my Life Paul Donovan"
Yes, this is Paul's quilt. In the book and on the label attached to the front of the quilt, it says: 

     I took a Stack-n-Whack class with Karen Pulaski, of Hudson, MA. The blocks are a unique kaleidoscope design, with the border of the same fabric. My husband loves Asian fabrics and just mentioned that he loved this fabric. This was his Christmas gift and yes, he loves his quilt. Pattern Name: Stack-n-Whack. Machine Piced, Machine Quilted. 70 x 80.

 The label on the front says Georgette's name and Studio. Paul overheard some people saying how this quilt (and the quilter) have gotten around. I guess I have. 

So the 2nd quilt is the "Birds of a Feather" Challenge quilt. There are a few other's who did submissions to this category.
There is my Swan's quilt :D Did I say that it is so weird to see my quilt hanging among other quilters who I know have shown over the years? I'm doing a happy dance :)

There where so many people! It was wonderful to see them all! The best part for me was seeing family and friends :)  I am so glad that my step brother Keith was able to stop over and see the quilts. My sister-in-law's mom, whom I was able to spend a few moments with before we left, was there. I am working tomorrow afternoon, and am hoping to see more family and friends then. I know that my daughter is very much looking forward to attending. 

Thanks for joining me! Hope you have enjoyed my rants and your coffee :D
Ciao! :)
J :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative - Challenge Quilt

I had posted earlier that I was working on a Challenge Quilt for this years Rising Star Quilters quilt show. It is done! And not a moment too soon! As the show is this weekend!

I will take pictures and share as I am volunteering both Saturday & Sunday. I am looking forward to this show as it is the 1st time that I have one of my own quilts being show. But I'll take pictures of other quilts. :D

This is the Challenge Quilt that I have done.

This is Paul's quilt that I just finished and will be hung at the quilt show this weekend.

I hope that you come and see the show!

The 2011 Rising Star Quilt Show
The 24th annual Quilt Show and Sale will be held on
Saturday & Sunday, October 15 and 16, 2011

  • Saturday: 10 am to 5 pm
  • Sunday: 11 am to 4 pm
  • Cary Memorial Hall
  • 1605 Massachusetts Avenue in Lexington Center
Location notes:
  • The front of the building says Isaac Harris Cary Memorial Building
  • The building is between the Police Station and Town Office Building
  • Free Parking at the rear of the building*
  • Handicapped Accessible
*Please be sure to avoid the parking spaces reserved for the police!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Why is it when you really, really, need to get a project done... your sewing machine thinks it is time to mess you up? Ok, so a sewing machine does not think, but mine is acting up right about now and I really need to get these projects done before the end of the day!

I am taking a break so that I don't end up kicking the machine! The other issue is that my back-up machine is off to be serviced, so that doesn't work for me either. I guess today's question would be: do you have a back-up machine? Is it the same level as your main machine?

I am off to try to settle the machine into an easy understanding... Hoping that this works, or it is going to be a long day, fighting with the sewing machine once again...

Unfortunately, I am not in a good frame of mind to chat with others right now... this too shall pass :D

Thank you for joining me for coffee :D

J :)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Portraits & Pillow

It has only been a little over two weeks since I sent off the pictures and pillow to my cousin in Puerto Rico. Talk about slow mail service! The PO here said it would be about three to four days... yea... Not.

I guess I will just have to wait for a call or text message from PR... I'm not good at waiting... But with no choice, I am going to go fix up the 'kids room' with a set of bunk beds this weekend. I want to see if I can create a work space in there instead of taking over the dining room table, cabinets, and any other space that fabric, notions, and machines can fit into.

I also need to finish off the projects for the quilt show. That would include making a sleeve to hang the large quilt and one for the challenge quilt.

Off to sew :D

J :)

Friday, October 7, 2011

Do you have a charity quilt that you have not given away?

So this morning, I was looking over Facebook and was checking out a fellow blogger, Victoria Findlay Wolfe. She has a few blogs under her Bumble Bean Inc. I love the thought have where her charity quilts are going. She is trying for 700 quilts!

So, this is from FB ~
Victoria Findlay Wolfe
It's getting Chilly here! Quilt shops? do you have any sample quilt laying around? I know a place where they will have good homes! My quilt drive is to give quilts to Families being taken from homeless shelters and put back into transitional housing. They have NOTHING when they arrive... Please help if you can.
All the info is at the site. I hand deliver these quilts. It's a joyous day when I do. Thank you! 
Pat Sloan is helping me too! Go tell her your going to send a quilt to BASICS!

I'm off to an early morning face-2-face checkin with a Head Hunter... Hoping for some Temp work!

Hope you have a great day today!
Ciao! :D
J :)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Among the missing...

Yes, that would be me once again... Among the missing. Still hiding out in NJ thru tomorrow evening. Still need to purchase my tickets for home. Need to pack...

That all said, I have finished the binding for the show quilt, now I need to make the hanging sleeve and attach it to the quilt. Need to also finish the challenge quilt, but I did not bring that with me...

Ah well, two appointments today with my aunt and then we will go take the photo's down at the bookstore.

Off to the 1st appointment...

J :)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Welcome to October!

I have always had a soft spot for the month of October. It is after all my birth month. I do share that distinction with many, but close to me would have been/are my dad (10/1), my brother (10/22), my step-father (10/13), my niece (10/18), and then we also have mine ;)

In celebration of my birthday, hubby and I are off to NYC to act like tourist for the day. Visiting my aunt in NJ means that we take the train into the city and it is only about an hour away.

I'll need to take pictures, but beware it is raining so they may not come out great... We shall see... Sometimes the iPad has a mind of it's own and writes what it thinks I should be saying. What can I say?

Off to get some more coffee, hope you enjoy your day!
J :)