Tuesday, October 25, 2011

BOM Update

They are done!!!

Yes, I have been behind on some of my quilting... what is that about Life getting in the way?

It does...

Here is the RSQ Guild blocks that I did earlier, they are paper pieced.

The top are the pictures and the bottom are the blocks... did you notice I flipped them? I did not catch that until I was done and pressing them for the final time. They are a go as they are... after all, I don't have time to make more for tonight. I think I may make one or two more for decorations around the house. That is for tomorrow.

For Jackie's Blogger's BOM over at Canton Village Quilt Works these are the six fat quarters I am going to work with for the time being... I think I'll use the Yellow as the background. Did I ever mention that I love bright colors? I do. 

 This is the 1st Block of the Month!!! It's done! Not bad for not having anything done this morning...

Now to post at the Flickr group and I am off to Guild meeting!

Thanks for stopping by to see if I finished :D What can I say... Oh yea, Life gets in the way... of quilting!


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