Sunday, October 23, 2011

On-line BOM

So I signed up for a class with Rachel Griffith of p.s. I quilt (you can catch her at or her blog spot at So the class is listed in her shop on her blog "build a quilt workshop: facade" I am just waiting for the confirmation to sign up on Fliker...

Do you have a Fliker account! Do you post your art/quilts/projects there? How do you feel about posting? Do you get feedback? I'm just wondering...

Off to bed, hope you have had a great weekend :)

J :)


Shevvy said...

Flickr is a great place to get to know people. There are lots of quilting groups of there that you can join and interact with. Enjoy it.

Jean MN said...

There a lot off groups that I belong on Flickr. I also enjoy looking at the diffent quilts and am blown away by the multitude of artists and their work.

Thank you for replying and for following :) I love getting feed back!

Ciao for now :)