Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday night follow up

The binding for the raffle quilt is done and left at the quilt shop, the double wedding ring has the borders and a pieced backing and has been dropped off for the long arm quilter. I have the pumpkin blocks to finish and I will be in a good space.

In the meantime, I need to do some studying of computer skills that have been disappering while I have not been working. I have a tutorial to work on those.

I am also waiting for my fabric to arrive from Texas (that is where I ordered it from... what can I say). Then I will be a cutting fool as I am already a tad behind on the cutting of the quilt. I did tell you that I am doing an online class with Rachel Griffith. She left us a note on her blog "build a quilt workshop classes are now posted. if you're one of my students, go have a lookie doo. ♥ rachel." That would be me, a student :) 

If you have never visited Rachel's blog, take a look at My friend G, talked me into doing the class. That's ok, I got her to follow Rachel last year after I did the signature blocks swap. That was a lot of work! Opps, another item for my WIP list.

It seems I take one off and add another on to it...

Off to read and cuddle with hubby, too late for coffee or hot chocolate.

Ciao for now!

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