Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Why is it when you really, really, need to get a project done... your sewing machine thinks it is time to mess you up? Ok, so a sewing machine does not think, but mine is acting up right about now and I really need to get these projects done before the end of the day!

I am taking a break so that I don't end up kicking the machine! The other issue is that my back-up machine is off to be serviced, so that doesn't work for me either. I guess today's question would be: do you have a back-up machine? Is it the same level as your main machine?

I am off to try to settle the machine into an easy understanding... Hoping that this works, or it is going to be a long day, fighting with the sewing machine once again...

Unfortunately, I am not in a good frame of mind to chat with others right now... this too shall pass :D

Thank you for joining me for coffee :D

J :)

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