Wednesday, October 26, 2011

BOM's continued...

Ah yes... remember the RSQ blocks that I was working on yesterday?
Yes, those would be the ones that I am talking about...

Well... I brought them to the Guild meeting last night (good meeting), dropped them off with the others who had also done the block(s) and went to check out other tables before the meeting.

Our Guild meetings kinda follows a regular pattern, announcements, raffle winners (for the meeting), Show 'n Tell, last moment announcements, and then our featured speaker(s). Last night was no different. 

The featured speaker for last nights meeting where Bobbie and Joel Bergquist, owners of Quilters' Treasure, who brought part of their quilt shop to our guild. They shared dozens of samples of their work as well as a lot of their products. They are an online quilt shop at They have the most amazing patterns and techniques to achieve different looks and hues with fabric.  They also mentor different artists within their booths at the different Quilt Shows that they attend on an annual basis. So many of the samples where those of the artists using Quilters Treasures fabric, stain glass leading quilts, and inks/paints techniques they have perfected over the years. Yes, I did purchase two patterns and some of the 'leading' that they sell to make some stain glass type of quilts. Unbeknownst to me, I have purchased in the past a few of their patterns,  for which I was very pleasantly surprised. The pattern I have did not have the fabric, which the one last night did, I just could not convince myself that I really needed to get it. Ah well, I will need to relocated that particular pattern once again... More for the "To Do" List...

Getting back to Pumpkin BOM's ... Last night my name was called for winning half of the blocks made for BOM! So... yes, I won a few pumpkin blocks.
Do you notice anything? ... 3rd one from the left on the top row and 1st one on the left on the middle row... yep, those are mine... Kinda cool if you ask me. So now I am going to work on making these into an interesting wall hanging for our front door. And here I was going to spend today making a lot more!! No, don't have to.

I have spent the better part of the day taking the paper off the back of these... I am guilty of leaving the paper on myself, so there is no blame... just using the tweezers to get the little bits of paper.

Have you ever done paper piecing on a large scale? The gentleman (a guild member) who won 1st place at the Quilt Show did a large New York Beauty. I have been thinking about it... just not sure about it yet.

Back to picking bits of paper off the back of the pumpkins.

Thank you for joining me today. It is more of a Hot Chocolate day than coffee, so I hope you brought some along.
Ciao for now :)


Gwen said...

You won mine as well! It's the pumpkin with the witch's feet in the
center! Have fun!

Jean MN said...

I love that one! It is so cute!