Friday, October 7, 2011

Do you have a charity quilt that you have not given away?

So this morning, I was looking over Facebook and was checking out a fellow blogger, Victoria Findlay Wolfe. She has a few blogs under her Bumble Bean Inc. I love the thought have where her charity quilts are going. She is trying for 700 quilts!

So, this is from FB ~
Victoria Findlay Wolfe
It's getting Chilly here! Quilt shops? do you have any sample quilt laying around? I know a place where they will have good homes! My quilt drive is to give quilts to Families being taken from homeless shelters and put back into transitional housing. They have NOTHING when they arrive... Please help if you can.
All the info is at the site. I hand deliver these quilts. It's a joyous day when I do. Thank you! 
Pat Sloan is helping me too! Go tell her your going to send a quilt to BASICS!

I'm off to an early morning face-2-face checkin with a Head Hunter... Hoping for some Temp work!

Hope you have a great day today!
Ciao! :D
J :)

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