Wednesday, June 27, 2012

More than half way...

Is it me? Or does it seem that time is flying by? I am looking at the calendar and it is saying June 27th!!! The month has flown by! I have so many projects that I need to finish that I will be missing once again... I am aiming to post at the very least once a week... or on Wednesday to catch up... :)

So last weekend hubby and I spent some time in NJ visiting my aunt. She has a show at the local library of photographs she took during her time in China, as a volunteer English teacher, some twenty five years ago or more. The photos she took where amazing. I think that the fact that some visitors to the show where from the very province that my aunt had taken the pictures, was even more amazing. They where very interested in the fact that my aunt took some pictures of places that most visitors have no knowledge whatsoever about. There was a picture of a building that was the dorms for those who are not going on to further education. Pictures of the Terracotta Army (the army was discovered in the spring of 1974 to the east of Xi'an in Shaanxi province). In addition to the warriors, an entire man-made necropolis for the Emperor has also been found around the first Emperor's tomb mound. So seeing a picture similar to this one, done by my aunt was very interesting to think how close she was to viewing these.  
There where more pictures that showed people and places that the young men who spoke to my aunt, said that they are no longer there. I am glad that we got a chance to see the show. I remember the book that she had put together after she came back from this trip. So seeing them hung up was wonderful. 

The other place we went to in NJ was a park called Luna Parc.To quote the web page:

 "Luna Parc is situated on 5 acres in the lush northwestern woods of New Jersey, Luna Parc is a perpetual work-in-progress. Since 1989 the house and grounds have become an environmental sculpture park by artist, designer and King-o-Luna, Ricky Boscarino." 

It was a lot of fun... I took a few pictures that I am still sorting out. Go check out Luna Parc and you will be amazed at the collection of art and what Ricky Boscarino has done to the place... there are pictures of what it looked like before the add-on's, changes of windows, and sculptures where all added.  

I want to thank you for stopping by :) Hope you have had a great day! Ciao for now :)


Friday, June 15, 2012

Yes, I am still among you all...

My Finish-Up-Friday Ladies have been making fun of me of late... They are saying that I have forgotten my Blog... Sad to say that Life is really getting in the way of writing...

Today I grabbed sometime to stop by and say hi :)  I am still temping... but now I am also looking outside to find a permanent position, as the temp position is dragging their collective feet.

I am also teaching a private class ... to make a simple wall hanging... need to find good time to get together and start.

I have a wedding quilt that I'm also working on, a baby (due July 1st or so) quilt, two graduation T-shirt quilts, and my aunt's quilt. I need to check in with my aunt next weekend to find out if this is going to Texas or staying in New Jersey.

So, while I have been away, I have not forgotten you all :)  Nor have my friends forgotten me... did you see the new button to the right? Yea, it is another quilt-along, this time for a Mario Brother's quilt. That would be perfect for the oldest grandson for Hanukkah. I would need to make a Princess Mario Brother's quilt for our granddaughter... That would work... now to think of something for the baby and their parents for Hanukkah. We only give one gift for each, not one for each night. I don't need to encourage them with more stuff that they all will not use.

In the meantime, I also have a signature quilt that I need to whip up in the next four weeks... I will post how that is going... thinking how I am going to incorporate the colors for the wedding into the quilt. It will be over two hundred signatures... I'm nuts!

Thanks for stopping by :) Ciao for now!

J :)

Monday, June 4, 2012


It really seems like time is flying... I have already been a temp for 12 weeks!

I am still hearing interesting stories from the people I work with regarding the women who's position I am filling in for... The latest is that she was out shopping with her husband and just about ran into my manager... I say just about, because when he saw her, I gather he went off in another direction. He left his wife to pay the bill and say hello to the women.

I did say I am still hearing stories... I think if I was in her position I would have been looking elsewhere for work while being paid for sick leave.

 In the meantime I have gotten a quilt done! Yea!!!
This is the front...

This is the back...

Back in February I found out a friend was moving to Florida and giving away a very nice crib. I have the crib here for our grandson. This quilt is the thank you quilt I mentioned on Facebook, and is for the little girl who is now into a big girls bed.

The quilt will be on it's way tomorrow!!! Sweet

Thank you for stopping by, Ciao for now :)

J :)