Thursday, October 27, 2011

Raffle quilt binding... And more...

There is a group of us who get together just about every Friday night for a class called Finish Up Friday (FUF). This is more of a therapy class than a sewing/quilting class mind you. We do get some sewing done, but we also get to complain, plan, sew, hand sew (not my favorite), bind, and some times we even finish projects... What a concept (yes, I did say that Mindy). There have been times that FUF was the only time I had to quilt. It is a great bunch of wonderful women :)

Early this week one of the FUF ladies sent out a distress email to all of us. Due to a lot of issues happening in her life (family, house, etc), she was in a bind to get some binding done for a raffle quilt... Before 11/5 that is. I have some free time right now, so I volunteered to pick up the quilt, make the binding, and attach the binding to the quilt. Another FUF lady mentioned that she'll do the hand binding... did I mention that's not my favorite part? We are going to hold off to see if the one in distress would like to destress and do the binding herself... I guess you could say that it is a relaxing time.

Then while getting ready to cut the binding I realized that I have to finish off a few pillow cases (for cancer patients) that I started last Sunday... yes... Life is once again... I'll be finishing off the pillow cases, cutting and making the binding tonight and attaching the binding tomorrow before class.

In the meantime I received a call from a recruiter asking if I could take a skill test before tomorrow afternoon. After which I'll be meeting with her on Monday morning, bright and early, and potentially off to another interview thereafter.

I am off to the sewing machine. :)

So, did you start drinking Hot Chocolate as of yet? Yep, I did and it is the kind from a pouch... what can I say, it's not my kitchen, it's hubby's :)

Thanks for joining me.
Ciao for now :)
J :)

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