Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday :)

I remember when I was a child that Sunday lunch was a very big thing in our house. It did not matter what you thought was important, you made it for lunch on Sunday, no exceptions.

It has been a very long time since my mom has pushed for Sunday lunch, so it was very nice to be able to join my mom, step-dad, daughter, brother, step-brother, and my husband for lunch today.

Sopa de garbanzos con chorizos at Mom's. (Not the nicest picture of me... but what can I say, my brother took it with his iPhone). It was very nice :) Thank you Mom!

My brother drives a Mini Country, which is in the shop for some work. This past week he has been driving a Fiat, which is the smallest one that I have seen in I have no idea!

It is so tiny!

My mom is not that tall and my husband (sitting in the car) is close to 6 feet. He does fit into the car, but still he said that it is too small. It is a cute car.

On a different note...
I received a large bag of yarn from my landlord. He is trying to clear out his mother's house. She passed away two years ago and he is still working his way thru the items in the house.

The yarn was lots and lots of skeins of acrylic yarn, already wrapped up into balls. I went thru the entire bag and I think that I am going to contact a local Senior Home and check with the social service director to see if they would care for the yarns. We will see what happens. I will feel very good to be able to donate them somewhere that they can be used.

I need to clean off the dining room table and finish up the jacket, the Blogger's BOM, and start on a quilt for a very good friend of my brother and sister-in-law who has been in and out of the hospital of late.

Thanks for joining me tonight, it is time for Hot Chocolate :) Yum!

Ciao for now :)
J :)

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