Monday, November 7, 2011

Ah, Monday Morning

Typically I have a bit of time in the morning to go thru my emails, check out FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the different blogs that I follow. Today, just as I was starting to go thru my emails, I received a "pleading" phone call from my child to drive her to school. Now I am back, after fighting the traffic to and from and getting back into checking out all the different sites I am usually done with by now.

While reading my email, I came across a very interesting survey that had been conducted, rather informally, about privacy. Do you worry about your privacy?

This is what the results produced:
It's no surprise to you that privacy is very important to people. In fact, nine out of ten American adults say it's important to maintain privacy when looking for a job. 
What might surprise you is the age group that found privacy most important. 
It was 25- to 34-year-olds who answered, 92% of the time, that privacy and confidentiality were important or very important in their job search. 
Despite the popular image of young professionals Facebooking foolishly and Twittering like, well… twits, it turns out that privacy is very important to their professional lives. 
In fact, we found that 64% of adults surveyed would not accept an invitation to connect with a recruiter if coworkers could see the connection. 
I do have to admit that I was surprised at the age group that views privacy as most important. I had not expected that age range would worry about it as much as those in the 50+ age range in looking for a job.

I am still working on my project... I did find pictures of other jackets...

This is the 1st one that I did:

Check it out, I even lined the front panels...

Then I received a request for another jacket for a friend. This one has pockets, a button closure, and is fully lined:

After all that, my mom said that she would like a jacket like mine... I hauled over my collection of jelly rolls to her house to give her a choice of which one she would like... she liked mine so much she choose the very same fabrics for her jacket. Again, she has pockets, it is fully lined, and she has a zipper instead of a button.

I think that the pockets impressed her the most... don't you?

These pictures give you an idea of what I am doing with the fabrics... but as is typical of me, I am trying something different this time. Off to the ironing board to press the seams of the strips I have already sewn together.

Before I leave you all today, I wanted to share a posting from a fellow quilter/artist that she directed at fellow quilters/artists who follow her.
My only question, after reading this list, is do I have to underline EVERYTHING? How often do you do/feel/think any of these 10 reasons listed above? If not, how have you gotten past them?

Thank you so much for joining me today! Hope you have enjoyed your coffee break :)

Ciao for now :)
J :)

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Gwen said...

Your mother's jacket looks awesome!
She looks so happy with the pockets.
The button version is another knockout. Very nice!