Monday, November 21, 2011


I have come to the conclusion that when I am in need of calming down from a self-induced stressful moment, I need to get some sushi... Yep, not even 10 am and I find myself stopping for some sushi from the local Whole Foods... Why am I stressed so early? Well my child is still not feeling ok with her ankle and all the issues that go along with the complications of the injury (years ago) that continue to occur, so I was guilted (is there such a word?) into driving her to school today. The un-stress is that my SIL called me to say that "Piggy Project" would be very welcome next week, after the 15+ visitors who are expected for the Thanksgiving weekend, where leaving rather than arriving. OMG that was music to my ears!

These are some of the strip sets for the quilt...

This is a close up of Ms. Piggy, patiently waiting to be added to the finished quilt top... when that is done. 

Meanwhile, hubby and I where saying how we had a wonderful time with the grandkids this past weekend. I shared the museum photos yesterday... Today, something we both love to do with the kids, each and every time they are with us...

They have a collection of books at our house, many that are not at their house, so it is a treat to be able to read them to them. Funny that there are two specific books that they love and they both have to do with manners! Of course, they each have stories to tell about the different instances in the books that have happened to them and what they did about using their manners. The same books are located within the classrooms that the kids attend. Of course they do know them by heart... and catch us when we miss something.

Now that I can calm down from "Ms Piggy" I am looking at the The 'B B Q' , or "Black & Bali Quilt Challenge" that I signed up for in February... I have it in my head... now I have to get it onto fabric. LOL!

Thanks for joining me today :)

Off to the sewing machine...

Ciao for now :)
J :)

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