Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Paper Piecing...

I have been thinking of a very special "Quick Quilt" for a family friend who is very ill. Her favorite 'thing' to collect is Pigs. Put them together... and I have an issue... I don't have any Pig fabric!

So I'll create something...

1st off I had to find a pig...off to Google "Pigs" and then "Piglets"

Just one or two of what I got...


Just a few pigs... So what did I end up with?
This is the one that I am going to paper piece a few and patchwork the rest of the quilt
 It has taken a lot of time today to work this out on the EQ7 program that I have. I had never done anything like this before. 

So now to raid my stash for pink fabrics as I know that I do not have any pig fabric... then again, I could print a few pigs out... but that would not be as soft as the paper piecing will be and that is more important than pictures.

Thank you for joining me :) Hope you have enjoyed your coffee/tea/hot chocolate and break with me...

Ciao for now  :)
J :)

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