Saturday, November 5, 2011

Sometimes it's not even my Life that gets in the way...

I was supposed to be in a class all day today and tomorrow... Got up early, jumped in the shower, etc... we where out the door and on our way before 7:45 am. Class was supposed to start at 8:30 am. Climb the (steep) steps only to find that the class had been rescheduled to start either next week or the 1st Saturday in December.

Great! Now I need to look at my schedule and see if I can figure out what I can switch around. Not a happy camper about now...

The funny part is that I turned off my phone before getting out of the car... I just checked it and I missed a few calls... I'll be calling back shortly!

So instead we went to:     and

Oh, yea we went shopping... Costco was for major items, BJ's for stuff that Costco does not carry, and Legacyplace Mall to drive around and see what there are for shops. We did stop so that I could pick up a pair shoes at the Merrell store...

I tried on these:  But they just didn't feel comfortable. Then I looked and tried on these: and these where the ones that I like. They are so comfortable! Of course I am still wearing a pair of sandals... yes, I am being pulled into winter kicking and yelling... Not happy about the cold weather. But we are due for some warm weather this week, so that will be wonderful. :)

I have been working on my latest project, yes, I will show another shot of what it is...

Sew I have been sewing up a storm today! Yes, these are two different Bali Pops, there are only four strips that where repeats, so I will be working this up different than the others that I have done.

I was going to post pictures... but after looking for more than a half hour, I can't find them. Guess you all will have to wait for this project to be finished. :)

On another note, Tuxedo is doing much better today, it took over 18 hours after I picked him up yesterday for him to feel/act like himself. The "happy shot" really packed a punch and he was not himself until late this morning. I had to watch him that he did not go down the stairs or outside as he did not have control of his balance. He was sorta tilting, poor thing. He even looks like he's not with it in this picture.

Off to sew :)

Thanks for joining me, hope you brought your coffee...
Ciao for now :)


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