Tuesday, November 22, 2011

No pressure... except from myself...

Ok, so now I have no pressure from others... just myself... Ms Piggy is waiting... and I am working hard... When I started working this project, I thought that I would do a very quick quilt... I don't think I was really thinking quick as I designed it on EQ7, both Ms Piggy and the quilt top. Well, now I am doing the top 'on point' and I have never done one of these before... EQ7 does not give beginner directions... good thing I've been sewing/quilting for a bit...

I am working from the outside in, as the corners are a different fabric than the ends. Talk about making it difficult. Yes, I did make sure that the seams are nested, they match, and I taking it easy as I do this. It is looking good so far... :)

So much for this mornings coffee break.

Thanks for joining me, Ciao for now! :)
J :)

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