Friday, November 4, 2011

Crazy busy week so far...

Opps, missed posting yesterday. I have been slightly busy... Interview in town on Thursday morning at 9 am, back home around 10:30 am, change and out the door around 11:15 am, stopped for coffee at the local Starbucks, then stopped for gas,  and then on the road to New Hampshire.

I arrived in Nashua, New Hampshire around 12:30 pm and promptly got lost.

Thank goodness for the maps on the iPad or I would have never found the Radisson Hotel! The Quilter's Gathering is having a quilt show there this weekend. I volunteered to sit and sell raffle tickets for two hours. In the meantime I was able to see the show before I sat at the guild table, and shop the different vendors afterwards.

The two hours I sat at the guild table flew! I was joined by another guild member for the entire time, and we got to meet, greet, and chat with other members whom we don't have the opportunity to do so at meetings.

It was great to see so many quilters! Some wonderful quilts. Meet new and known vendors and chat with them. Always a fun time at a quilt show. It was also nice to see a RSQ guild member's quilt being shown with a ribbon! Nancy belongs to several guilds and this quilt had been also shown at the RSQ show last month. Still a very nice tribute to a fellow quilter who has passed away this year.

"Helen Taylor, member of several N.E. quilt guilds. Much loved and missed. Moment captured during one of her last quilt excursions to Lancaster County. Helen Taylor, Nancy Wasserman, Ellen Liberman, and Mary Elzabeth Palumbo. On loan from the collection of Ellen Liberman. Original photo by Clare Keane." Techniques Used: Machine Quilted. Quilted by Nancy Wasserman.

It is always nice to see a wonderful memory saved within a quilt. The picture does not do justice to the wonderful depth of this quilt.

Some more quilts that I fell in love with at the show...

On another note...
Today, while checking out Facebook, one of my Canadian friends posted the following:
"I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your friendship! You are such a joy, with your insight, your quirky personality, your far-ranging interests and your caring for other people. I hope you soon find the employment of your dreams at a salary beyond your hopes or expectations, and until that happens, that you find joy in every day."

Of course I needed to mention "my quirky personality..." Still, the words are to be treasured, she is a special person and it is nice to have such positive words and thoughts sent my way. :)

Another note...

This morning I needed to take the cat to the vet... it is his annual check-up. Due to the fact that he has to be sedated every time he goes there, he was not to eat or drink after midnight last night. He was not a happy camper this morning... when we got to the vet's office he started to growl. The vet called to say that he is now ready to be picked up. Yes, he was growling and giving the evil eyes while under sedation! 

This is Tuxedo, as he does appear to be wearing a tuxedo. He only gained a 1/4 of a pound, bad enough that he is now 13.75 lbs of cat! He will be happy to be back home.

And yet another note...
In the meantime, I received my fabrics for the online class that I am taking with my friend Gwen. Now to cut like a mad women!!! I am behind on the class, so it is time to play catch up!
I am excited! I was waiting for the Little Apples fabric... this is what I will be using for the p.s.i quilt class.

I'm off!

Thank you for joining me on today's coffee break :)
Ciao for now !
J :)

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