Saturday, November 12, 2011


I have been cleaning up a storm... I am hoping to see friends come visit this week... and grandchildren this coming weekend. Why is it that we clean and clean and they come mess it up with no thought to what had gone one before they got there? Ah well, tiz the price of having them here for the weekend.

In the meantime, I spent Friday evening at the quilt shop for "Finish It Up Friday," which was missing a few ladies. Two are off to Karen's retreat for the weekend and another had the day off from school and was much too comfortable (can't blame her) to leave to come out to sew. Still, the four of us did have a wonderful time.

I worked on my jacket at FIUF and today, and remembered to take some pictures. What a thought!

This is what the sewing table (opps Dining Room Table) looks like tonight...

 This is the front of the jacket...   And this is the back of the jacket.

These are the sleeves, with cuffs.

I have been busy... all the pieces have been quilted, lined, and trimmed. All that is left to do is put it together, which it looks like will be early tomorrow and finish on Monday.

Off to Mom's for lunch, so that will curtail sewing, cleaning, and computer time. But it is soooo worth it, she cooks the best! So, I will sacrifice...

Thanks for joining me tonight, wine instead of coffee... Though a hot mulled wine would have been real nice :) It is starting to get a bit nippy out there...

Ciao for now! :)
J :)

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