Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Working on WIP's Wednesday

My WIP's list doesn't seem to be moving... but it is amazing how much work I have to catch up on before the 10th of this month!

I am working on a birthday quilt (I know, I have mentioned it a few times, but I am waiting for others to give me items for the quilt... not my timeframe). I have a few BOM's that I have to finish up... and I have R's thank you card...

Here is what went off to R ...

I hope that she enjoys them... one's a table trivet and the other is a mug rug.

As for the BOM's... I have done the Blogger Block... John over at Quilt Dad is this month's blogger... here is my version:

Yes, I have already posted it to the Flickr groups ... I almost forgot last month. 

Off to tackle some more...

Hope you are having a wonderful day! Thanks for stopping by, Ciao for now :)

J :)

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