Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday, Monday, can't trust that day...

Ah what a weekend... Hubby broke a tooth late Friday night, came down with a cold, and the dentist office was closed for the weekend... Saturday we took the Janome 6600 up to Nashua, hubby was still not feeling well, so we did a very quick turn around and came back home... Went food/stuff for the house shopping on the way home and purchased the tax software to start the annual "bitch & moan" session. Oh joy, oh rapture :) Then a wonderful dinner at Mom's with friends of my sister up visiting, as well as my daughter, brother, SIL, and a niece. It was fun, company was great, and I am glad hubby took a 3 hour nap before we went over. 

Sunday I spent a bit of time going over my 2011 photos and blog posting. I got to thinking that it is a good idea to look back on past projects because then you know how much your style has improved, changed, or stayed the same. I look at this blog as one big project - a visual diary of my/our lives here and my sewing/quilting and looking for a life and work balance. As well as looking for work to support my sewing/quilting habit... I am very happy with my growth on so many fronts... hoping this translates into growth in finding a position soon. 

Now I am off to work on my table of projects... if the cat lets me get close to my hand sewing...

As you can tell... I have taken over the Dining Room with my sewing... need to take time to weed this all out... Tux  jumped up on my lap as I started to do the hand sewing, not anything new, just that hubby had the camera in hand to take a picture. As you can tell, he does this often.

Thanks for stopping by, Ciao for now :)

J :)

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