Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Teaching Tonight :)

It has been a major push around our house for me to get over this lingering cold. Along the way I have been telling you that I need to make display items for the mini sweatshirt jacket workshop I am teaching. Well tonight is the night and I have finished all but the printing of the handouts... It had been 10 pages long... but I have gotten it down to 4 pages. Which is a good thing...

I also needed to make the parts of the jackets and at least one completed jacket. As I am off to another interview this afternoon, I need to have it all set to go now. Let me share some pictures with you :)

This is the box with everything inside, except for the jacket right now.

I will need to teach how to make a sweatshirt jacket in 12 minutes... Something that has taken me about 12 hours to put together.

Here is some pictures of the completed American Girl Doll sweatshirt jacket. This one is going to be Miss E's AG Doll, Sammi's jacket. The pattern you see in the back is from Liberty Jane Clothing which has a collection of 18" doll clothing.
This is the front of the jacket, notice the heart shaped button for closure, rather than a zipper.
Yes Ms G I did include inseam pockets on this jacket. You will be able to check it out tonight.
The doll stand can also be purchased at the Liberty Jane Clothing Website. 
This is the back of the jacket, you can see the inseam pocket open. 
The front, the pattern, the doll stand... all ready to be shown tonight! Yea!!!

So now I can take this off of my WIP list! {{Does a Happy Dance around the dining room}}Sweetness :)

Ok, off to get ready for this afternoon and evening...

Thanks for stopping by! Ciao for now :)

J :)

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good luck tonight!!!