Monday, February 13, 2012

Do you follow *Sew I Sew? If you do, you will have already seen the following from  

She explained it so well... That I needed to follow her example and post the same information as...

The 10 Best Blogging Platforms
I have received some emails regarding Blogger changes that will take affect on March 1st.

If you are already part of BLOGGER,  , you have no worries, however, if you are using any of these other blog platforms such as , Wordpress, Tumblr, Posterous, Moveable Type, (Blogger is orange one...we are excluded here) Drupal, Joomla, live journal or penzu....they will see changes...BLOGGER WILL NOT! 

This is right from GOOGLE....

At the end of November 2011, Google announced the end to its website based community building accessory, Google Friend Connect, for non Blogger based websites.
We're retiring the service for all non-Blogger sites on March 1, 2012.
The announcement notes its replacement with Google+.
We encourage affected sites to create a Google+ page and place a Google+ badge on their site so they can bring their community of followers to Google+ and use new features like Circles and Hangouts to keep in touch.
Blogger blog owners can continue to use the Followers gadget,  can use Google+, or can build their communities using both features.

Blogger blog owners were recently offered several suggestions, to integrate Google+ into their blogs.
  • The Google+ badge, placed on the blog, directs your readers to your Google+ profile.
  • You can replace your Blogger profile with your Google+ profile.
  • Replacement of your Blogger profile with your Google+ profile enables you to publish your blog updates to your Google+ followers.

With Google retiring Friend Connect, this allows Blogger to take over its functionality. Blogger blog owners, who like the idea of letting their Followers display their icons on the faces of our blogs, and view our blog updates in the Blogger Reading List / Google Reader displays, can continue to use the Followers accessory.

By removing Google Friend Connect from the Followers accessory, Blogger is hoping that the code supporting the Followers gadget can be simplified, and will become more stable. This will hopefully resolve many of the recently reported outages, both in the blog face display, and in our dashboard and Reading Lists.

To be sure you keep those who are following you, have a button that some of your favorite peeps can continue following you....again, wait till March 1st and see what happens...I can assure you, there is far more panic than necessary....If you are part of Blogger, you will still have followers...

Hope that Helps..

I do have to say that this is so much clearer than what I was finding myself, yesterday.

On to my next issue... skipped stitches on every machine I am using on the B-day photo quilt... not a happy camper right about now and the quilt is not done... 

so upon my search for information on "skipped stitches" I found:
skipping stitches, which is the problem you described, is most often caused by a dull needle, the wrong size needle, or by an error somewhere in the way it's threaded.

double-check to make sure it's threaded correctly on top.

set your tension back to 4, which is the factory setting.
double-check to make sure your bobbin is dropped with the thread pulling out counter-clockwise (thread pulls from top of bobbin and heads to the left.)

hit the C button to reset your stitch width and length to the factory presets.

change the needle. (use an 11 or smaller for piecing if you have one.) use either a needle from the pack that came with the machine or a shmetz brand. (there are other brands that work, i'm sure, but my janomes love shmetz and they are reasonably priced so i've never bothered to try any others.)
Ok, I'm off to try this out... Might have to go purchase some new needles today... ah well, a small price to pay.

Thanks for stopping by! Ciao for now!

J :)

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