Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday ... Already!?!

OMG, where have the days gone?
I have been buried in sewing projects that I need to have totally completed before the middle of next week... And I need to start working on the samples for the sweatshirt jacket for the Guild class. Top that off with a promise to help my niece sew a slew of hems on costumes and I have lost sight of what day it is...

My sewing table doesn't look that messy right now (the picture is not my table, I could not resist), but it does have my 'new' machine on it :) I am close to the point of petting it, much like a few friends do of theirs. :) It is fun to discover the different things that I can do with the machine, how smoothly it runs, how quickly the others are stored away... what can I say, I'm in love :)  This is a picture of my 'new' machine, it is a Janome Memory Craft 6600P
I am having the best time with it :)

As I have mentioned in the past, I am looking for work (outside of the house) to support my quilting habit, among other items that I need to support. Some times I feel like I apply, have an interview (phone, in-person, on-line) and my brain (pocket) is picked for information that the person interviewing me can use in the future.
Not that I am playing Link... but...

Each and every morning I spend a good one to two hours searching the job boards for the local (within 10 miles) area...

I have had a few interviews, but I am a runner up than the one with the job. Of course I am more of the right brain than left brain... but life is more looking for a left brain position to support the right brain love...

I continue to hear from the individuals that I interview with that I am either "Overqualified" "In the running, but the other candidate is in-house" or "We are in the beginning stages of our search" and in the end I don't hear from them. A tad frustrating, but I continue to search.

I clearly remember an artist telling me that she works to 1) supplement her art, 2) keep herself among individuals who are not artist to 'see' a different perspective, and 3) talk to other adults. She said that working alone, there is no other person to talk to, too share with, to hear different perceptions of life. When you get out of the house/studio you see people, you read newspapers, you see posters/billboards of changes. Staying inside you can read the paper, but you do not see other peoples reaction to what is written, you separate yourself from 'real' life. I can totally understand now, what she said to me so many years ago.

I am off to the gym this morning, to clear my head, and get back on track to shake some of this lethargy off and hopefully clear my head from the cold that I (hope) am on the waning end of it. Wish me luck!

Thanks for stopping by, Ciao for now!

J :)

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