Monday, December 5, 2011

Ms Piggy has left the house

Bright and early this morning I was off to my brother & sister-in-laws house to drop off Ms Piggy quilt and pillow. I did attach a note to them and am sharing as there where so many who helped along the way! Thank you to all who donated fabric, expertise, support (emotional & physical), and ideas!
The story behind the quilt…

I was thinking about you and how I would love to know that you are wrapped up in warm hugs. So one Sunday, over lunch, at my mom’s, I asked P if you collected or had a favorite item/animal/flower (M was not there) and he said yes, but could not remember.

Monday morning I touched base with P & M and found out that you enjoy pigs.

With that, the idea for Ms Piggy was off and running… I wanted to do a ‘paper-pieced’ pig… but I did not have anything in my ‘stash’ (my collection of fabrics)… I went looking for ‘cute’ pigs… found some, but none that would work for paper-piecing… then I found one that I thought (silly me) would work… Three days later I gave up on that one! I found another one and thought, I’ll make it look like paper piecing… Ms Piggy was found :)

Off to my stash to look for fabric… I had some Valentine squares that I thought will be perfect! Ms Piggy is pink and the quilt will be pink and white… I also put out a call to my friends, looking for pig fabric… I did not know how hard it was to find fabric that had only pigs or even any pigs! But there are some donated pieces of fabric from friends within this quilt, pig, and pillow, as I did not have a lot of pink fabric.

Off to the fabric store because I was still thinking of a quilt being the giver of warm hugs… I needed to get fabric for the backing and from there my mind went to flannel or fleece… warm hugs :)

Well Ms Piggy had a mind of her own and did not want to go onto the quilt, she wanted her own space so she became a pillow… The quilt (still called Ms Piggy) also had a mind of it’s own as well. So there are many different things that when I did them, I looked at it and said “Ok, Ms Piggy, that’s the way it will be…” Ms Piggy is a one of a kind!

So that is how we reached this point in time… your reading about Ms Piggy the pillow and quilt. I hope that you are wrapped up in Ms Piggy and getting a whole bunch of warm hugs!

From us to you, sending you warm hugs by way of Ms Piggy :)
See you soon! So we can give you warm hugs as well!

 I truly hope that D falls in love with these and that she is wrapped up in a lot of warm hugs.

Thank you to my friends and family who shared in the creating, making, and delivery of these. It has been fun! Now on to making Christmas presents!!!

Coffee and sewing, what a wonderful combination!

Ciao for now! :)
J :)

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