Sunday, December 11, 2011


My apologies fo going AWOL on you all! I've been busy sewing quilts, place mats, and in class both Saturday and Sunday for 10 hours a day! I am a little wiped out.

Before I for get... My SIL delivered Ms Piggy to D! She loved it :). Did not get a chance to meet up with them all as I have been trying to finish off some Christmas presents that had been put on hold for Ms Piggy. They all went to a local farm to create some Gingerbread Houses, I caught some pictures and it looked like they had a wonderful time.

Now the weekend class is half way done, I have some studying to do and sewing to complete. I do need to pick up a quilt from CQS that Georgette dropped off over the weekend. That will require some trimming and binding. It is not a Christmas present, but rather a graduation present for a dear niece. She saw the top... last year... so I really need to finish it.

Catch you soon, thanks for the wonderful thoughts :)

Ciao for now :)

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