Sunday, December 4, 2011

And we are done!!!

I finally have finished Ms Piggy :) Yay!!! Life has gotten in the way since the beginning...  Ah well. :)

Ms Piggy the Pillow and Quilt

Ms Piggy the pillow...

Ms Piggy the quilt!

So now I will be dropping it off to my SIL tomorrow morning. I hope that the wonderful women who is going to be receiving these feels the love and blood (split a little on this one), the hugs that are all wrapped up into this quilt and pillow. More than anything, I hope and pray she will be able to enjoy these for a very long time to come! She is a special person.

Back to the sewing machine, too many projects to be finished within the next 19 days!!! Christmas is coming!!! I am not done yet! Oh, I'll post BOM's, jacket sleaves, and Thanksgiving pic within the next few days. Boy am I behind!

Ciao for now! :)
J :)

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