Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Once again ... Frustrated

I am once again frustrated ... yesterday was filled with a face-2-face interview and a couple of telephone interviews...

Yea, I have been getting calls... just no job offers... I really would love to have a part-time or 3/4 time job and be able to do my sewing/quilting on my off hours. Right now I am stressing about finding work and not getting any of my sewing/quilting done on a regular basis... I am so behind!

This morning while reviewing one of the many blogs I check regularly, SITS, I came across this interesting thought written by Kimberly Gauthier...
Your 2012 Blog Budget
JAN 10, 2012 BY   
One of the things you should be thinking about during these first few weeks of January is your plan for your blog in 2012. What most of us don’t spend enough time on is forecasting the expenses required to maintain your blog all year long. In fact, we tend to just get from day to day. That’s why this post from Kim Gauthier is great. It talks about what she’s considering as she plans her blog budget for 2012. It’ll get you thinking, too! 
If you’re like me, you just started blogging one day. I didn’t put too much thought into keyword research or monetizing my blog. It wasn’t until I heard about Bloggy Boot Camp that I stopped seeing my blog as a hobby and started to view it as a business.
While I don't see my blog as much more than a hobby right now, Kimberly had some very interesting thoughts, as well as a break down of the business of blogging. If you click on the title Blog Budget, you will go over to the article.

On another note... I am busy making some American Girl Doll clothing for my granddaughter who turned 5 today. It amazes me that time is speeding by! So I found a few patterns at Liberty Jane Clothing and the blog, which is so much easier to check into as their web site has been overloaded with traffic and been shut down by the server due to the volume of traffic... yea, not fair, but that happens all too often. Anyway, the patterns are cute as all get out!

 I did purchase this pattern, it is for the jeans. I have another that is for a jeans jacket. I'll be making those later this month when Miss E comes to visit for the weekend. Meanwhile I am off to do some finishing touches to the two dresses I am working on right now. One dress is fro Miss E and the other for her new AG doll. The quilt is for the doll as well. I did purchase a doll size dress stand as I figure I'll be making a few more dresses...

We are having dinner with the birthday girl and her family tonight, so I want to have them ready to be given as presents then.

Ciao for now!
J :)

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