Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday.... Already!

WOW did this weekend fly by! The grandkids where here on Friday afternoon. Miss E & I went off to sew and Mr M and hubby stayed home. Miss E had the best time at FUF, behaved wonderfully, and we stayed thru to the end of class. Saturday it snowed here in the Boston area, so there was no going out to the museum that we had hoped to do. Instead we went to my mom's and hubby shoveled the walkways and the kids and I went off to the food store with my mom. They had just got back from three weeks away and there was no food in the house. We spent the evening there and had dinner there with the kids. They love to spend time there as the games are way different than what we have and there are two sets of stairs. They run up the back and down the front and do this for a bit of time. It does tire them out :)

Sunday was packed! Woke up to Mr M asking if I would be able to finish the Angry Birds paper piecing that I was doing... I found them over at So I have completed the red bird, blue bird, and am working on the yellow bird at present. These pictures are from the Fandom In Stiches site and done by the creator of the paper pieced patterns.


So the kids left and I ran out the door for Concord... It has been a long time since I was at Open Studio in Concord. One of the many items that I had to drop due to lack of funds. I missed going, but this weekend Ms G & Ms A got together and paid for my spot. (Hubby is had already stated he was paying for next month). So it was off to Concord to sew. It was great to see Ms G, Ms A, Ms K, Ms P, Ms J, and Ms D. I missed the ladies most of all...

I took both of my jackets in process to work with Ms K (the teacher for the group) as it is so hard to fit clothing to ones self. Good thing as one of them did not fit over my hips loosely enough. I am adding some fabric to the sides and will be bringing it back with me next month to refit it and finish up both jackets. 

As we where there from noon to 5 pm the AFC Championship game was on between the New England Patriots and the Baltimore Ravens was being broadcasted from Foxborough Stadium. We all left to head home shortly be for 5 pm to get home to watch the end of the game.

To say that it was a bit Nerve-wracking to watch is an understatement. The New England Patriots victory over Baltimore Ravens, of 23-20 was a nail bitter down to the very end. It was an AFC Championship game that had fans of both teams tensed all the way throughout. Or as my ex-husband said, Heart-attack on TV (he was with our daughter watching it at a local bar). 

So now... on to the Super Bowl. New England Patriots vs New York Giants in the Super Bowl 46. As it has already been noted, a rematch of the 2008 Super Bowl which the Giants stole it away from the Patriots.

And I wonder why the weekend flew by... 

So school is back in session and I am back to driving my daughter to the train station once again... 

Off to play taxi driver...

Ciao for now!
J :)