Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday Sewing

Sunday Sewing at the Quilt Shop...
Yes, this really is the inside of the Cambridge Quilt Shop in Cambridge Massachusetts. I am typically there on Friday night for Finish Up Fridays. One of the members of our happy band reserved the basement classroom for today from noon to 5 pm. It was great to be able to sew for a large chunk of time!

I am working on a few projects at this time (surprise, surprise, surprise!!!) one is the b-day quilt, another is thank you mug rugs for some special people (think sewing machine), and then I am making a T-shirt quilt from T-shirts of a young women who passed away on January 5th after battling breast cancer for the past 14 years. 

She was a wonderful women, my girlfriends niece, who fought a hard fight for so many years. As the years passed, she came to live in T-shirts and sweats. She was at her mom's house for the past 7 or so years. The quilt is for her mom. It is so hard to loose a child. Krissy will be missed, but I hope to keep her positive attitude in the T-shirt quilt. 

I have to update my quilting WIP list... I know that some of them are threatening to become UFO's... not a good thing. Also on my list is to clean out my stash closet... yes, I said closet... a walk-in-closet to be exact. So it will take a little bit to get thru it. 

We where talking about "shopping in our stash" as New Year resolutions... I confess, this is one of mine. I really need to either use, donate, or trade that which I have in my closet. 

How are you doing with your resolutions? Well I do hope!

Off to eat dinner, thank you for stopping by! 

Ciao for now!
J :)