Thursday, January 12, 2012

Rain, Rain, Go Away!!!

It's raining, windy, and cold... Good day for soup... The kind of day you crawl back under the covers and bundle up. I think I'll sew instead...
I'm trying to work on a birthday quilt (that I really can't post pictures until after I have given it away)... Yesterday I realized that most of my pins are bent and I really needed to go pick some more up. Before leaving I called Hubby and told him I would be in his neck of the woods.

So I picked Hubby up, off we went to the Quilt Shop, when we got there he went off to the Pepperidge Farm shop and I to the Quilt Shop...
Of course one does not walk into the quilt shop and leave with just the item you walked in for... I got to thinking that I need to make a new baby wall hanging quilt. Grandbaby #3 is arriving on April 3rd. Mr M & Ms E both have baby wall hanging quilts. Most of the stuff for Grandbaby #3 are in the Brown/Blue combo that was very popular a few years ago... No, I did not purchase any of that fabric... so there is none in my stash.

While looking around Hubby came into the Shop. Well he was checking out the iPad and I was checking out the Bali Pops... I'm thinking I am making a Postage Stamp wall hanging with some Pop of color from the Blueberry Bali Pop. Need to work it out on EQ7.

My gently used machine arrived! I am so excited! Thank you very much to my Aunt R and her good friend M! It arrived, from Texas, very nicely packed. So much so that I had to open the box outside, on the porch, so the little shredded paper would not be all over the place.
It is a Janome Memory Craft. I am going to bring it in to be checked over and then get to play on it in about a week or two. There is a part that needs to be ordered, that's ok :) It is a new machine (to me!) and I am very excited!!! I can't wait for it to come back so that I can play on it! Too Cool! Thank you R & M!!! I am a very happy camper :)
Off to work on the B-day quilt.
Thanks for joining me :) Ciao for now!

J :)