Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Someone else in a Big Time Funk...

One of the blogs I follow had a perfect statement today... She has been in a funk, yea, I do know the funk that she speaks of, being totally overwhelmed, not wanting to do anything, can't start anything, can't finish anything that has already been started... everything overwhelms to even think of doing anything.

Yes, that is where I have been for awhile now... I really do not like this overwhelming feeling and I need to "get over it" as soon as possible.

So, I think I am going to follow Rachel's suggestion from p.s.i quilt http://www.psiquilt.com/2011/08/funk.html With that thought in mind I am also blogging to tell you that I'm gonna leave this funk behind! Nope, I don't like it anymore! This is not fun and it is not helping those around me to be in this unproductive funk! If you ask my hubby, he'll say that it is about time as I have been very hard on myself of late...

With that being said... I need to stretch my creative thoughts and do some fabric/sewing/quilting/art therapy!!! The tough part about all this is that I had been working on an art project that I totally screwed up due directly to my being in my funk... so it is back to the beginning and we start anew! Maybe I can figure out how to post some pictures of what I am up to...

Hope you have had time for coffee while reading... Speaking of which, maybe I should go for a walk to my local Starbucks... just a thought... :)

J :)

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