Friday, August 19, 2011

Ah Friday :)

Friday has arrived and the weather is typical August warmth. I spent over an hour at the gym this morning and am just finishing off my 2nd cup of coffee for the morning.

I have so many projects that I need to finish, but there are 3 major ones that I need to finish within the next three weeks. So, I guess that means I need to gear up and finish one a week. The 1st is a thread portrait that I have been fighting with for the past three weeks. I am on my 3rd version as I have destroyed the 1st two. I am much happier with the one I am working on right now and will need to post pictures as I finish up.

The 2nd need to finish quilt is a double wedding ring for my niece and her husband. They saw part of the top last year at their wedding, but their anniversary is the beginning of October and I still need to finish the borders and get it to the quilter to have it quilted.

The 3rd item are two baby quilts... I totally made one of them too small and now am adding borders after the fact, but I need to get them done!

Ah well back to the sewing machine to work on the portrait :)

Hope you have a happy day and enjoyed your coffee break.
J :)

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