Sunday, August 21, 2011

A quick peek at another person's studio...

Some days I think I am overwhelmed with the amount of craft supplies that I have, then other days, I think "I don't have enough"... LOL Well, today is one of those "don't have enough" days... I was reading a blog that I check in on about once or twice a month. She was giving a tour of her studio... boy would I love to have that sort of space to spread out and create! The best part was her fabric collection... yep, I was drooling! Check it out at Karen Kay Buckley's Blog  I had a grand old time drooling.

So it is Sunday, washing, vacuuming, and picking up of the apartment. Then back to the sewing machine to try to finish the baby quilt and the thread portrait.

Hope you get a chance to go visit Karen's blog and enjoyed your coffee today.
J :)

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