Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Other peoples comments...

This morning, while looking for positions to apply to, I came across a comment on a Blog I follow... The Blog was talking about how Social Media is the 'wave of the future/present' and had some pictures to show what they felt it meant

The comment was as follows:
"How does social media work for people that others dislike? How does it work for the person who was the disliked kid in school, in jobs, in social life? How does it work for the person who the more people know about the less they like, the person who has learned that it is better to keep a low profile?"

They are all interesting comments, but if one is a non social person, both in person as well as online, I have a few questions that I would need to have answered to try to understand them. They would be:
    Do you have a job? (You need to interact with others in order to work)
    Do you use the computer?
    Do you have friends?
    Are you married/engaged/separated? (You need to meet others to have these statuses)
    Do you have an email address?
    Do you receive email/mail?

When I started to think about it, the blogger is truly on the right path, social media is and has been a way of life for a long time, it's just morphed thru the Internet and the different social media outlets.

Hope you have enjoyed today's rant along with your coffee. :)

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