Saturday, August 20, 2011

Portrait Quilts

Some times I think I get myself in too deep into projects and I have this push (from me alone) to make it absolutely the greatest thing since sliced bread... Yep, I am doing that again with the thread portrait I am working on this weekend... So what else is new...

I have started thinking of what I am going to do for my brother's 50th birthday quilt. I have done picture quilts for two other siblings, but I have yet to receive any pictures of my younger brother, his friends, and in-laws to start transferring them onto fabric... I had to wait so long last time that I presented a half done top, took it back, and finished it after their birthday. I want to get out of that habit. So, I think I am going to do a fabric Portrait wall hanging instead. I don't know if I'll just do my brother, or him and his wife, or his family. I need to pin it down real soon as to what I am going to do as there are too many other things going on at this time to let it slip by and not get anything done.

I really am having a great time playing with the portraits I have been doing of late.

A present for a cousin (who is holding the pillow) this past March.

Back to sewing :)

Hope you enjoyed your coffee break today.
J :)

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