Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Open Studio

I love the 4th Sunday of the month Open Studio at Quilter's Way in Concord, MA! It's 5 hours of stichin' and bitchin' with friends! What a way to spend the afternoon. :) I have missed going as it is was one of the those items cut from the budget when I was unemployed last year. But we are off to go sew/quilt/laugh the afternoon away!

I am hoping to work on my jackets, the totes for the kiddo's, make binding for the baby quilt, and finish fussy cutting the other two baby quilts I started at FUF  this past week.

The camera is back, so I plan to take some pictures at Open Studio... but I didn't... I forgot to bring the camera with me to Open Studio. Ah well it was a great time! There where seven of us in Open Studio today. We all where doing very different projects.

I brought a few projects to work on that I have been trying to get done. Fussy cutting a couple of baby quilts, cut the crayon tote fabric, cut the sleeves of hubby's favorite shirt from long sleeve to short sleeve (the elbow had worn thru), and pinned the sides of one of the sweatshirt jacket that I had started in December.

It is great to be able to spend a block of time just cutting. It was wonderful to be able to just do the preparation to just sew over the next few days. So, I am off to sit with my sewing machine at home, as I did not sit with my sewing machine at Open Studio. :)

Thanks for stopping by :) Ciao for now!

J :)

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