Monday, March 19, 2012

Crazy weekend

So hubby is off at a business meeting for the week. He left last Thursday morning, so it has been quiet at home for the past few days. The thing is that I have not been home during that time... I think I see my bed, the bathroom, and the dining room, and that is all!

I worked on Thursday and Friday, had sewing on Friday night with the ladies. Saturday I was in the middle of planning a quilt when I realized that I needed to be out of the house before 11 am and it was 10:45 am when I looked at the clock. So much for doing any more quilt planning.

So, it was off to my girlfriends house on the South Shore area of Massachuetts (or about 35-45 minute drive from my house). I would have been on time if I had not gotten behind two funeral processions. One on the highway that the State Police stopped all movement on the highway so that the procession could be all together. It appeared that they where headed towards the Cape Cod section of Massachusetts. There is a large cemetary that a lot of military choose to be buried there. The 2nd one was after I got off the highway.

I spent the afternoon with my girlfriend, got her on gmail, twitter, and pinterest. Funny thing that I needed to have an email address for her 1st, in order to get a twitter account, in order for her to accept an invitation to pinterest from me. She is really into Quilling and there have been some fantastic examples of quilling on pinterest. I have tried for the past ten years to get her online with no results. All it took was seeing the wonderful examples of quilling to get her very interested on getting online. Funny how that happens.

Then it was off to my Mom's for a wonderful boiled dinner with her, my stepfather, and stepbrother.

All this translates into not being home on Saturday. Nor did I get a chance to get online to do an update of what I was up to... Then on Sunday, I had told another girlfriend that I would take a ride over to her house to pick up a crib that she was giving to me. I got over there and realized that my car is too small to carry all the parts. Still, I was there for a few hours, spending time with her and her mom, daughter, and brother. I got home and started on the quilt that I had been planning on Saturday morning and stiched up a storm! The top is done, but I need to take a picture with either my phone or the older SLR camera and hubby took the point-and-shoot that I love to use.

So, yes I have been among the missing... but I had mentioned that before. Hope you all are doing well and getting a chance to enjoy the weather. It has been wonderful here.

Thanks for stopping by, Ciao for now!

J :)

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