Saturday, December 19, 2015

Why we blog...

Last night I was reminded why we blog. There is a wonderful group of women who I have had the pleasure to spend many a Friday night with sewing, chatting, sharing, and laughing like there is no tomorrow!

When you are writing a blog, it is almost as if you are in this little corner of the world, solo, thinking out loud (or writing as the case may be) about what is going through your mind. Much like many of the other blogs who are linked to Cheryl Sleboda's 31 day Challenge. You can check out all the other blogs at the 31 day blog writing challenge. There are some amazing bloggers there!

Anyway, I love to read romance novels and recently one of the books that I read had a character who had been a news paper reporter and was let go. The character started writing a blog, with the thought that even if it was for himself, they where going to write about the subject that they were passionate about. Almost as a surprise to the character was the response to their writing. That being let go from the newspaper did not silence them and the audience was larger than the character expected.

I mention this because I am always surprised when someone mentions to me that they read my blog. Thank you dear reader, it does mean a lot to me.

I am thinking that I am getting into the holiday mood, sorta. It is hard with no little ones around to get excited about the holiday season. How do you get excited about the holiday's?

I have a few nieces and I need to finish their presents, soon! I'll be back on the road traveling to see family within a few days. In the meantime I will be sewing up a storm, hoping to hear back from the interviews that I went to over the early part of this week and writing Christmas cards! Man has my list grown!

So I will leave you here. Thank you for stopping by!

Ciao for now,

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