Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Nine days later...

It is safe to say that I have been a bit busy. This blog has been put to the side as I continue to search for work.But then I remember how much having outside support has helped while I am searching. Which then brings me back.

Two weeks ago I participated in a weekend get together with some amazing women I have had the honor to meet through Facebook. The short name for the group is "Snowflakes" the long name is not really mentioned outside of the group. The group as a whole is made up of about 25 women. We are located all over the US and have a member in OZ as well! It has been awesome to get to know each other over the past two and a half years.

The weekend get together was five of us getting together to sew, chat, eat, and sew. It was an amazing time. I am rather quiet on a normal basis, reserved would also describe me, so to get together with these women I needed to go out of my comfort zone when I first connected with them. Now, while I am still quiet, the teasing and friendship has me not so reserved around them. Even though it was the 1st time for me to meet with three of these women, face-to-face. Goes to show how well we have gotten along through FB.

Since then I have been working at finding work. Not an easy task these days. It is a bit painful to hear the words "Overqualified" time and time again. I may be overqualified, but I am your best asset to be able to walk into a position and start doing what needs to be done right away. I'm going to ask questions, find out how and why things are done in a specific way, and go the extra mile to get things done correctly. How does that make me overqualified? No, I do not want your job, if I did I would have applied for it!

Over the past two days I have attended two different rounds of interviews at two different companies. One is for a pharmaceutical company and the other is for a bank. One is in Cambridge, close to home, but still about an hour by public transportation. The other is in Newton, again close to home, but I would have to drive as there is no direct public transportation to there from home.

After weighing the odds, I would love to have an offer from the one in Newton. It just feels much better than the one in Cambridge. I would have hoped for the Cambridge position, but my girlfriend is finishing up her contract nearby and I would not get to see her there.

Now I only have to sit back, write thank you notes tonight, and wait for an offer. I hope that I hear something by the end of the week as that would be an amazing holiday gift!

For now, I'll sip on my coffee, go read some blogs, and wish you an amazing rest of your day!

Ciao for now,

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