Wednesday, December 2, 2015

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Grab your coffee/tea/hot coca and take a break to read my ramblings for the day... Today I am getting ready to go on a quilting retreat this weekend. First a bit of traveling from the Boston area down to Highland Park, NJ. I am meeting some friends at the train station there. They are traveling down from NYC and it's easier to pick them up outside of the city. I'm also picking up some Blue Jeans that my aunt has saved for me at her house. Then it's off to Maryland to meet up with some more quilting friends!!! I am so looking forward to this trip.

Now I need to figure out what I am going to be working on over the weekend. I need to make at least 10 Christmas gifts for my ten nieces. I made Open Wide Bags last year, which where very well received. I think I'll make them additional bags, but a bit bigger, they all carry their tablets/cell phones/laptops with them all over the place. If I make a messenger bag size, they would all like that. Now to go through my stash for some awesome fabrics. Having one nephew, who will be there for Christmas, throws off the gift idea, but I think that he would like the idea of a masculine messenger bag. Maybe a StarWars themed bag would work for him.

This morning while checking my "looking for work" email address, I received a bit of a shock. I applied for a position within the federal government that had a 10 day or 200 applications received posting. December 1st was the 1st day of the opening. Well... they have already received the 200 applications! The notification to me was that I answered all of the questions, that I qualify for the posting, and that the posting was now closed.

Dear Jean,
The following job opportunity announcement has been closed.
OPM Control Number: 422686400
Agency Name: Federal Emergency Management Agency

To say that I was surprised, was an understatement. My sister who works for the federal government was not surprised and mentioned that was why she pushed me to apply right away. Now it is a game of hurry up and wait to hear from them. Meanwhile, I'll keep looking for other positions, closer to home.

Off to chat with a recruiter. Come join me tomorrow for another posting.

Ciao for now,Jean

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