Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pinterest Finds...

I swear I find the cutest things on Pinterest! Today I was trying to catch a few moments as the grandkids are visiting for the evening :) Always a fun time. 

So they are playing on the Wii and I'm playing on Pinterst... sounds good to me :) We spent the afternoon at the Boston's Children Museum, so they had a blast climbing the climbing structure, playing with the bubbles, and off to the golf ball room to make those golf balls fly! We also went up to the Construction zone room, the Indian Culture (temporary exhibit) and back to the climbing structure. Then we topped off the visit with a gift from the gift shop. 

Back to what I found on Pinterest! It is the cutest pincushion and it is an oldy from Sew Many Ways Blog  

But is too cute!!! Now to find someone who is eating small containers of ice cream. Oh, yea, this is made from an Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Container! And to boot, she wrote it 3 years ago. 

So now Sew Many Ways Blog  has a sewing Saturday... She has a good point as I do the same as her because "for me, Saturday seems to work the best. During the week, work gets in the way and night time I usually  do my projects for my blog post, not to mention computer time for Pinterest and catching up on emails. This is why I love my new "Sew Sew Saturdays"" I think that I'll join her :) 

Thanks for stopping by! Ciao for now! Time to put the little ones to bed, story time :)

J :)

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