Sunday, September 25, 2011


So I am joining in on an online BOM over at Canton Village Quilt Check out the button to bring you to this months BOM. I am so looking forward to doing these blocks! There are some amazing Bloggers joining in on this.

I am also joining the BOM at my local shop, but I need to get over to the shop to sign up :D before I take off for the weekend.

Yes, I am taking off at the end of the week to spend time with hubby and go to my aunt's closing of her show in Highland Park, NJ.

I really should have a link to Willie Nelson's song "On the road again"... I am traveling just a little bit...

Ah, back to coffee and fabric.

Thanks for joining me for today's rants & coffee...
Ciao ;D
J ;)

Canton Village Quilt Works

The reason for the Mariner's Compass block in the button is that... This is your guides for the BOM.

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