Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Another post today...

Why is it that I don't post for a few days and then when I do it is a few all on the same day?

Ah well, I finished the thread portrait that I had posted earlier, it's framed nice and pretty. I also did a fabric picture of my cousin, which is below as well.
I also did a pillow cover... and added the pillow.

The writing says "Estoy Chillin a Los 60" as my cousin just hit his 60th birthday this summer. You can't tell by these pictures, but I have done a trapunto type stitching on the portrait and pillow.

I have heard so many people go on and on about trapunto and I did not know what they where talking about so I went and check out what trapunto is exactly. This is what I found at the http://www.museum.state.il.us/muslink/art/htmls/ks_tech_t.html site:
"In Italian trapunto means "to embroider," and in Latin it means "to prick with a needle." English and American quilters usually call the technique stuffed work
This style originated around the fourteenth century in Sicily. It became popular for clothing and other decorations in some parts of Europe, too, especially in Tudor England (A.D. 1485-1550) and in Marseilles, France, in the 1600s. Trapunto was brought to America by immigrants from these countries. A quilt made in this technique would have been considered elegant. "

I guess the portrait and pillow are considered elegant... interesting.

So they are both off to guild meeting tonight to show off and then  I'll pack them up and send them to my cousin in Puerto Rico. 

I am really hoping they enjoy the pictures and pillow... 

Enough  of my ranting... time to get things together to go to guild meeting tonight. Also need to figure out what's for dinner so hubby can cook before I leave. 

Hope you have enjoyed your afternoon coffee :)
Ciao for now ;D
J :D 

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