Friday, June 24, 2011

'Works In Progress'

It's Friday! Yea, I have made it to the end of the week and not had a hissy fit. I am stressing out over not working outside of the house right about now. 

I thought that I would enjoy myself and get a lot of my 'Works In Progress' finished and I have not. I have a log cabin, a double wedding ring, 2 quillows, a cowl neck (knitting), a thread portrait, three handbags, and six chairs to re-finish. Now that I look over my list, I am wondering if I have forgotten anything. Oh, I have been really looking at doing a 'Dear Jane' quilt. I really need to finish off the list before I start the DJ quilt, still, I think I will machine paper piece the DJ. 

So, today's thought is that I will need to work on my WIP's (Works In Progress) and I'll be accountable to my blog!

First off, I need to clean as the kiddos will be here within the next two hours to mess the place up. 2nd thing will be to work on the thread portrait as I need to have it in the mail to the recipient before the 28th of June!

Hope you have enjoyed today's rant and had time to enjoy your coffee as well.
J :)

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