Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Return from the land of the missing...

From the land of the missing I have returned! Miss G should be smiling as she keeps telling me to get back online!

It has been a very, very busy summer and fall. Back in April my mother told me that she was putting the house on the market and moving to Virginia. Somewhat of a shock, but not over the top. Anyway that translated into, "I'm moving and your going to help me get ready." Hence why I have been in the land of the missing...

This is the house:


It was 12 rooms and a full basement with apartment. From there they moved into a 2 room with bathroom, share dining, living, and kitchen. Talk about major downsizing.

In June she decided that she was going to have a party... So she invited a few people...

And she put up a tent...

So we partied the day and night away... Lots and lots of food, drink, laughter, and memories.

Then it was time to move...Oversized "stuff" to the curb... Lots of recyclables... Goodwill items... Then on August 25th, the movers came to pack everything that was left behind... That took two days!! The 1st day they packed all the items headed for VA, then to NYC, then to upper state New York, and finally all that was staying local... The 1st truck was packed and left for VA on the evening of the 1st packing day. The item that we all held our breath over was the Blessed Mother.

The family who purchased the house are not Christen and did not want the Blessed Mother, who had been in the side yard for over 50 years. 

So, off it went to VA... This is a picture when it got to VA, so it made the trip very well.

The 2nd and 3rd days they finished the packing and filled the truck with everything else. We cleaned up and where on our way to VA on the afternoon of the 3rd day. We stopped in NJ for dinner and then on to VA. 

In the meantime I needed to register a quilt for the guild show in October, before the 30th of August....

I made the deadline, finished the binding and here it is hanging at the show. It is 60 by 55.5 and a combination of half-square triangles and squares all 2.5 inches. It took about a year from thinking about it to done. It was a thank you to Del for driving me back a forth for eight weeks when I broke my right ankle.

Since August 30th I have been to VA and back, NJ and back, NYC and back, back to VA and home two additional trips. I was beginning to wander what my bed felt like at one point during the constant traveling.

I also submitted two DWR quilts for the NYC Mod Quilt Guild Challenge. The 1st is a single block for the small challenge

The 2nd one is a quilt for the Traditional challenge and this was a gift to my sister and her husband on their wedding day. The quilt is very much used and loved.  

Now all I have to do is wait to see if I get an email asking to send either to NYC... I might just have to bring them in person... Then I could also visit family!

Right now I have to fill out another recruiter's 'on-boarding' packet so I will leave you for now.

Thank you for stopping by!

Ciao for now!

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thats a cool story, stoppy by from Sew and Sow farm